Happenings, noticings

I have been home for well over a month and time, as it so often seems to, has vanished. Days blend into a routine.

When that happens sometimes the dumbest little things you notice become meaningful.
On Sunday I went for a ride on my bike - I got a bit less than half of the distance to PA from Princeton - and I saw a biplane that had clearly taken off rather recently. It was pretty cool. It looked like a toy.
Today Chloe and I were heading home when we noticed a house we had never seen before, relatively large. We were attracted to it because it was empty, run down, its garden overgrown, even the for-sale sign seeming dejected. It was L-shaped around a driveway/courtyard space, an inviting house.
Looked it up - $1.4 million. Actually, sadly, for a five-bedroom house on a sizeable property in Princeton with a view on the lake... that's almost cheap.
Funnily the first thing I thought was - someone should take it over and squat there. No good letting it go to waste.

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