La Planta

Mostly I've been packaging. The amount of packaging in this industry strikes me as amazing. For instance there are clamshell-ish packages, where various parts are arranged one by one in plastic cases, or there are bags. Contacts, for instance, the metal parts of a plug, were being put in tiny little bags of five, then in bags of fifty fives. Then that bag would go with small bags of six other sorts of parts in a really big bag, and that goes in a cardboard box. And it takes up maybe a fourth of the box, so they put some brown paper in the rest, then they ship off say four boxes. Does that seem right to you?

Everything is labeled also. So every medium-size bag in the above example, as well as every big bag and every box. And in the clamshells, there are, say, ten units per plastic sheet, each unit with many different parts. So each unit is labeled, and then ten plastic sheets go in a box, and that's labeled of course. Once on the floor and then again by the delivery people.

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