Various DR things

They kiss to greet here, like you'd expect from a Latin culture, but once where we do it twice. It's rather difficult for me to get used to.

Apparently this is mostly a Santiago thing, but they drop Ss at the end of words. So they count 'uno, do', tre', quatro, cinco, sei'...' This is not really difficult to get used to. I'm even starting to do it myself - bad idea.

The main roads are in pretty good shape - not really highway quality, but like Township roads after a bunch of snow. The electricity goes off occasionally - on Tuesday there was a storm so it was off for a long time, and yesterday night there was a short blackout. Third-world-ness is most visible at stop-lights, where there are often people selling things - flowers, for instance. I saw once some folk wiping a wind-shield for a bit while the light was red.

In un-DR news, I should find out my college soon.

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  1. Helping to get you in touch with your Breton roots, I see:


    Windshield washing at red lights is hardly third world. I'm quite certain I have seen such behavior in the US.