Progress in Spanish

I've gotten slightly faster, more handy with grammar, better at understanding (I think). But as far as concrete data, additions to my vocabulary, I can only think of these:

Me hacen falta. I miss them. I would have thought it to be me faltan, literally 'they are missing from me,' (or translatable as 'I'm missing them.') but instead the Spanish adds the word hace to suggest that this is an emotional effect.

Al paso. Slowly. I heard this a lot at first: 'you must speak slowly to her, otherwise she won't understand.' Correctly, of course. I thought it strange that it wasn't anything related to lento, slow, until I used it myself in relation to a task on the factory floor. Generally I work fast and well, to general surprise, but I'm still slow when it comes to checking things, and said so, which is when the derivation hit me. Al paso. Fr. au pas. Walking pace, at a walk, esp. of a horse.

Various food items: mangu, a plantain paste; mofongo, a plantain paste with meat; arichuela, the beans in beans and rice. I'm not sure of the spelling on these.

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