Water and a Machine

Yesterday I operated my first machine. It was an easy thing, not electric or otherwise powered, about 70 cm high and a soft bottle-green color. I had to assemble some brass contacts with some copper pieces that would go on the outside of them.
This sort of thing - a basic contact with a piece of sculpted foil outside of it - is done often here. The pieces of foil come attached to a long metallic tape, and mostly the contacts are pushed inside of them. For this piece, though, I would pass the tape through an aperture in a machine, place five contacts on five foil pieces, and pull on the lever which would press the contacts down into the foil. I assembled 299 contacts, and it was fun looking at the tape with the two metals shining their different colors. It looked like amunition, though.

Also yesterday we ran out of water at home. I found out about this after playing with the dog for an hour or so. When I went to eat a bit of yogurt and wash my hands of the dog, I found that I couldn't.
The water hasn't come on yet, that I know of. Apparently it's missing from some other houses as well.

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